As each goose flaps its wings i-t creates an uplift for the birds that follow.
By flying together in formation, the whole flock
adds 71% greater flying range than if each bird flew alone.
Thank you for flying together.

Manager Contacts

Kitchen & Set-Up: Wendy Weller call or text 734-904-4760   email

 Servers & Bartenders: Andreea Saitis  call or text 734-255-9939


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Please request days off with your manager two weeks in advance

Check schedules for updates before you come to work

2020 and 2-21 Appontment Calendar

Updated on 5-12
MAY 2020 MAY Worksheets
May 4 to May 10 Tentative posted 050820CH   Sara Grigg Moved to 073120CH
050920CH Dr. Tim Hofer 3-16/17/28 cancelled
May 11 to May 17 Tentative posted 051520RR Patricia Burba moved to 82820RR
051620CH Jessica Rivard Moved to 10162020CH
051620RR  Emily Ellison   Moved to 5-15 2021
May 18 to May 24 Tentative posted 052220CH Sabrina Frasie Cancelled
052320CH Gabi Patti Moved to Sun 080220CH
May 25 to May 31 Tentative posted 052920CH Angela Faoro   Moved t 052121CH
053020CH Heather Dorais Moved to 6-5-21
053020RR Emily Darin Moved to July 25
JUNE 2020
June 1 to June 7 Tentative posted 060520CH Kacie O'Connor Moved to 102320CH3
060620CH Alex Oklejas Cancelled 100% refund
060620RR Weixia Guo Moved to 062621RR
June 8 to June 14 Tentative posted 061220CH Chelsey Mann Moved to 102020CH
061220RR Sarah Cole Moved to 081420RR
061320RR  Melissa Gardner Moved to 082120RR
061320CH Katelyn Barkell Moved to 062621CH
June 15 to June 21 Tentative posted 061920CH Georgian Pike Cancelled
062020CH Katie Bales Moved to 071721CH
062020RR  Kaitlyn Butzin Moved to 061921RR
June 22 to June 28 Tentative posted 062620CH Elizabeth Brightman moved to 092520CH
062720CH Emily Mikeell moved to 6-25-21
062720RR Virgina Kay moved to 080721RR
JULY 2020
July 6 to July 12 Tentative posted 071020CH lise moved to ro 070921CH
071120RR Cassandra Kreek moved to 081421CH
071120CH Micah Endicott moved to 073121CH
July 13 to July 19 Tentative posted 071720CH Sophia Witney moved to 071721RR
071720RR Julie Emra Moved to 071621RR
071820CH Sarah Treder moved from May
071820RR Sara Conrad Moved from May
July 20 to July 26 Tentative posted 072420CH Abigail Salata Cancelled
072520CH Toulla Cancelled
072520RR Emiy Darin Moved from 53020RR
July 27 to August 1 Tentative posted 073120RR Angela Wyse Cancelled
073120CH Sarah Grigg Moved ffrom 5050820CH
AUGUST 2020 080120RR Michelle Murdock keeping date
   080120CH Nina Fancher moved to 082021CH
080220CH Patti Moved from 052320CH
August 3 to August 9 Tentative posted 080720CH Allison Altenberger moved to 073021CH
080820CH Emily Bush moved to 081421CH
080822RR Kristy Levernze moved to 071021RR
August 10 to August 16 Tentative posted 081420CH Ashley Harrison keeping date
081420RR Sarah Cole Moved from 061220RR
081520RR Brook Bandyk moved to Aug 14, 21 check
081520CH Lauren Rhodes waiting
August 17 to August 23 Tentative posted 082120CH Kacie Sanderson Holding 080721CH
082120RR Melissa Gardner moved to 082221RR
082220RR Sarah Stein keeping date 45 - day june 6 3 pm
082220CH Megan Wilson keeping date 45-day July 6 3 pm
August 24 to September 1 Tentative posted 082820CH Kayla Reter keeping date 45 day mtg July 6 2pm
082820RR Patricia Burba Moved from 5-9-20
September 1 to September 6 Tentative posted 090420CH
090520CH Celene Chard moved to 052921
September 7 ;to September 13 Tentative posted 091220CH
September 14 to September 20 Tentative posted 091820CH
September 21 to September 27 Tentative posted 092520CH Brightman moved from 6-26
September 28 to October 4 Tentative posted 100220CH
October 5 to October 11 Tentative posted 100920RR
October 12 to Ocotber 18 Tentative posted 101620RR
051620CH Moved to 10-16-20 Jessica Rivard
101720RR Julie Crist moved to 050821RR
102320CH Moved from Kacie moved from 060520CH
6 new bookings; 39 Covid transfers
May -7 EventsMAY 2021 Worksheets
May 1-2  
May 7-8 050721RR Korte Covid
05082CH Julie Crist Covid
May 14-16051421CH Sarah Grigg holding covid
051521RR Ellison Covid
   051521CH Verbouw new booking
May 21-22052221CH Stewart new booking
   052221RR Bandyk covid
 May 28-29  052821CH McMillan Covid
   082921RR Chard Covid
   052921CH Olivia Keinath
June -13 Events 5-29-20JUNE 2021 Worksheets
June 4-5 060421CH Couture Covid
060521RR Kollman new booking
   060521CH Dorais Covid
  061121RR Melissa Gardner holding covid
June 11-12 061112CH Brightman covid
061221CH Usanee new booking
061221RR Devries new booking
 June 18-19 061821CH Jessica Godwin covid
 061921CH Huffnagle new booking
061921RR Butzin covid
June 25-26 062521CH Mikesell covid
062621CH Barkell covid
   062621RR Laura Harrison Anniversary
JULY 2021- 12 EventsJULY 2021 Worksheets
July 2-3 070321RR Wexia covid
July 9-10 070921CH Elise Lawrence covid
071021CH Treder covid
071021RR Kristy Leverenz covid
   071121RR Cassandra Elner covid
July 16-17 071621CH Julie Emra covid 2x
071721CH Katie Bales covid 2x
071721RR Whitney covid
July 23-24 072321CH Rhodes covid
072421RR Emily Darin covid 2x
072421CH Zimmerman covid
 July 30-31 073021CH Altenberger covid
   073121CH Endicott covid
AUGUST 2021- 9 EventsAUGUST 2021 Worksheets
August 6-7 080621CH Mueller new booking
080721CH Kacie Sanderson covid 2x
 Auguts 13-14 081421RR Cassandra Kreek covid
 August 20-21 082021CH Nina Francer holding
 0821121CH Kelly Gutowski covid
  082121RR Ivy Ulrey Covid
August 27-28 082721RR Lynn Ogilvie covid
082821CH Nicole Traitses new booking
SEPTEMBER 2021- 2 EventsSEPTEMBER 2021 Worksheets
091821CH Gumtow covid
OCTOBER 2021- 2 EventsOCTOBER 2021 Worksheets
100121CH Davia Steinberg covid
100121RR Ivy Ulrey covid