Who runs the show...


General Manager

If you attended a wedding at Wellers in the last 15 years you definitely have seen
Andreea buzzing around intent on getting it right!

She wants the napkins folded with the seams under, the glasses crystal clear..... everything she sees has to be perfect.

Emigrated here from Romania she brings her European sensibilities and work ethic with her.

We love her for that but more for her passion for people and making their weddings spectacular.

Not only does she run the events, during the week you will see her trimming roses, trees, working with contractors.

Her passion shows in the photos she takes at Wellers. She showed me a video she took of the
bride and groom dancing
with friends, holding hands in a circle around them. With tears in her eyes she watched.
I thought something bad had happened.
When I asked her she said she was just happy to see young people
living in the moment and so "there" for each other. (the bride was crying too!)

That's our Andreea!