Let all the joys be as the month of May,
And all thy days be as a marriage day:
Let sorrow, sickness, and a troubled mind
Be stranger to thee.

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Q: How long can we hold a date for our event?
.A: You may pencil in a date for seven days with no financial obligation. To finalize your date, you must sign a contract and give Wellers' a $1200 Advance Deposit at the end of the seven-day holding period. Dates not finalized with check and
contract are immediately taken off the holding date. See BOOKING and
Q: What if we change our minds and want to move our date?
A: You may move your seven-day hold to another date. However, once you finalize your date with a $1200 Advance Deposit and Contract you can no longer change your mind and move a date without incurring a cancellation fee. See BOOKING
Q: Can we transfer our $1200 Advance Deposit to another date?
A: No. Deposits are not transferable. You must cancel the existing date and re-book another date if you need to change
dates. See CONTRACT

Q: What happens if we cancel our date?
A: There are very specific cancellation penalties in your contract. Fees are scheduled according to how close you cancel to your actual date. See BOOKING and CONTRACT
Q: Are our prices locked in when we book a date at Wellers?
A:The minimum menu price and room rental are designated in your contract when you book These cannot be changed once you book your room.. Menu items may change within the menu package but the minimum menu price is guaranteed for your particular pricing. See CONTRACT

Q: How long do we have for our event?
A: Six hours from the time any food or beverages are served. The room must be vacated at the end of the six hours. Your ceremony and set-up time is not included in your six hour room rental. See PLANNING GUIDELINES

Q: How & when do we finalize our menu and plans with Wellers?
A: At the SIXTY DAY PLANNING MEETING you will need to finalize your menu as well as your time line for your event.

Q: How & when are payments made?
A: You will have two required meetings with Wellers. 1. The SIXTY-DAY PLANNING MEETING is scheduled approxiamately sixty days prior to your event. You will need to fill out the EVENT WORKSHEET and bring it with you to this meeting. You will be asked for an estimated guest count at this meeting. An invoice will be created based on the estimated guest count and the menu and rental /services that you have selected. You will need to pay 2/3 of this invoice at the close of the sixty day meeting. 2. The FINAL MEETING will be scheduled for the Friday, one week prior to your event. You will need to give Wellers your final guest count. We will then re-print your invoice based on your final guest count and then deduct the 2/3 payment from that amount and you will pay the balance at this time, one week prior to your event.

Q: What happens if we find out that less people are coming than what we paid for?
A: You final count cannot be changed after you have made your final payment.

Q: What do we do if we get more RSVPs after the FINAL MEETING and payment have been made?
A: You can add the extra guests as late as the Thursday prior to your event. See CATERING GUIDELINES

Q: Do we have to have assigned seating?
A: Yes, as we release your guests for dining by table number. The table release ensures an orderly and calm presence of the dining experience for your guests and minimizes long lines @ the buffet. Please ask your DJ not to make an announcement that "Dinner is being served".

Q: How should we set up our table numbering?
A:: . Wellers' has recommended table numbering on the ROOM DIAGRAMS page in your menu package and website. The lowest table numbers are released to the buffet line first.

Q: How do we do the assigned seating?
A: There are several ways of doing assigned seating: 1.) You may provide a list at the door that has each guests name under a table number starting with table 1#, #2, #3, #4 etc with your immediate family being at the lowest table numbers so that they go through the buffet line first. This is the simplest thing to do. Or 2). Wellers will provide you with a Place Card Table at the entrance of your banquet room. You may arrange your placecards in alphabetical order and guests pick up their placecard when they arrive and proceed to the appropriate table number, which you have previously placed on the tables. On each place card you can then write the table # for that guest.

Q: When is my assigned seating and table numbering required by Wellers?
A: Your final table numbering and the number of guests you desire at each table is required when you make your final payment, the Friday, one week prior to your event.
Q: Who puts the table numbers on the tables?
A: Wellers staff puts the table numbers on the tables in the order designated by you at your Final meeting, the Friday one week prior to your event.
Q: Can we change or exchange menu items?
A: If you have special ethnic or favorites you want, you can email or fax your recipes to Wellers' and we will price it out for you before your 60-day meeting. Also, some items are interchangeable on MENUS. You may ask your Wellers coordinator @ your meeting which items may be changed and what the cost will be.
Q: How does Wellers' handle the liquor purchase, delivery?
A: Wellers' does not have a liquor license. If you wish to serve liquor you must purchase it through A&L WINE CASTLE. No other liquor suppliers are allowed to come onto the property for security purposes. They will provide the following services for you: Delivery of your beer, wine, liquor and champagne, label your boxes and supply an inventory for bartenders, pick up of empty bottles & kegs.
Q: Who services the bar? Who pays for the Contracted Bartending Services?
A: BARTENDERS will be automatically scheduled for your event. They are an outside service. You will make an advance payment to Wellers at your final meeting @ a rate of $20/hr. Wellers holds your check in escrow and pays the bartenders after the event. They require one hour for set-up and one hour for clean-up in addition to your bar service time of six hours. No other bartenders are allowed to service your bar and guests are not allowed to bring in their own alcohol and self serve liquor.
Q: Do the bride and groom and under-age guests need to bring their ID since this is a private party?
A: YES. Contrary to what many people think.ID IS REQUIRED by everyone including bride, groom and bridal party, and any under-age guests, eventhough this is a private party!! Anyone without proof of being 21 yrs old as required by Michigan State Law will not be served alcohol. Anyone procuring drinks for minors will be asked to leave the event. If behavior persists the event may be shut down.
Q: What is the minimum guest count and costs to combine indoor dining with gazebo dining if I have rented the Carriage House?
A: You will need to meet the minimum seating in the Carriaeg House of 175 on Saturdays, and 150 on Fridays & Sundays. The minimum seating under the tent is 60 guests with ten tables which are a rental item. See ESTIMATE
Q: Can we do an outdoor tent on the East Ceremony Grounds?

A: Due to set-up restrictions from Wellers contracted Tent Company, tent rentals are not provided for the East ceremony grounds for either the ceremony or outdoor dining.




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