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113 W. McKay, Saline, MI 48176
Conveniently located seconds from Wellers

This is a two-story duplex located a mile from Wellers. Each apartment has a separate entrance.

Each apartment is $150 to rent for the four hours prior to ceremony (you may add hours at $37.50 per hour)

The apartment is typically rented for bridal party to prepare for ceremony

Photographers usually start the wedding photos here with bridal party
then go to Wellers for pictures of groom and groomsmen. an hour prior to ceremony

Each apartment is air-conditioned, has a coffee maker, refrigerator and shower.

You may bring or order in food. No cooking is allowed


One changing room

Enter from front door or lower rear door

Lower Apartment - Livingroom

Kitchen - Refrigerator, coffee maker.

Lower Apartment - Sunroom




for availability emaila

$100 Security Deposit to reserve

1. If you reserve when you book your banquet room add a $100 Advance Deposit to your banquet room deposit

2. If you wish to reserve after you have booked your banquet room
email for availability and send inor drop off $100 security deposit

If you reserve and cancel reservation
you forfeit your $100 Security Deposit.

All personal items must be removed at the end of the rental time.

This security deposit may be held for damages, extra ordinary cleaning or moving of furniture that is not put back in place.

The security deposit is returned the week following your wedding if there are none of the above.

Lower Apartment - Changing room


Lower Apartment Dining Room

Two changing rooms

Use stairway at back of house to enter

Upper Apartment - Livingroom

Upper Apartment - Kitchen

Upper Apartment - Living room


Upper Apartment - Bedroom 1