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11 AM to 1 PM

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Located on the banks of the Saline River, Wellers' is cradled in an era that we will never see again. On the National Historic Register, this timeless property appeals to those looking for a truly memorable location for their weddings.

We offer two very different banquet rooms, each with it's own unique character and particular historic significance, but all with the stamp of quality that was unique to the architecture& demands of Henry Ford.

Riverside ceremonies may be performed on the beautiful ten-acre grounds, providing unique and unforgettable for your wedding.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our life's work of historical preservation. Thank you for your interest in our facility. Wendy Weller


11 AM to 1 PM

Office Hours
Monday, Thursday
10 AM to 2 PM


555 West Michigan Avenue
Saline, Michigan 48176





Imagine the excitement when Henry Ford came to the small rural village of Saline to restore the dilapidated Schuyler flour mill. People thought he had totally lost his mind!! But, like all entrepreneurs, Ford had his own unique vision: to merge urban factories with rural farming through a little-known and unused crop, the soybean. To implement his wild idea, he paid over 700 farmers in the Saline area to grow soybeans. The farmers then trucked their crops here to be refined into soybean oil for the production of plastics and paints for auto manufacturing. This simple idea forever changed the face of industry and farming. In fact, soybeans are once again on the front burner as a possible source and solution for our energy problems.

Ford was drawn here because of it's location on a river. He produced electricity by diverting the river to create a dam-millpond, and installed a waterwheel. Engineers still marvel at the beauty of Ford's futuristic dream and he is known throughout the industrial world for his innovative use of organic products in industry..

When Carl & Iris Weller purchased this property in 1968, the buildings & property were in total disrepair. But the Ford remnants unearthed in the buildings, the 10-acre setting and the underlying natural beauty of the buildings, sparked a flame that still burns bright in them today. With the combined efforts of, Judy & Wendy Weller, and scores of hardworking friends & employees, 51-years of effort resurrected this mesmerizing page in history. Their story is a testament to American hard work and ingenuity. We thank all the people who helped along the way.



Seats 125-212 Guests

Seats 75-116 Guests