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  • Bar Service is six hours plus an hour for set up and an hour for break down and clean up.
  • · Seven Pops and Mixers: Cola, Diet Cola, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, Sour Mix, Tonic, Club Soda
  • · Five Juices: Orange, Pineapple, Cranberry, Grapefruit, and Bloody Mary Mix. Sour Mix
  • · Glassware inside then plastic glasses for outdoor bar: for six hours
  • · Condiments: Lemons, Limes, Cherries, Olives;
  • · Bar Napkins, Stirrers for six hours
  • · Ice for six hours
  • · Note: It does not include: Oranges, Mint, Rosemary: these items can be ordrered through our kitchen $20
  • · It does not include Roses Lime Juice, simple syrup, or any specialty juices or mixers not listed above.
  • · Any other juices, liqueurs or mixers for signature drinks must be ordered through A&L


  • No blender or muddled drinks.
  • Wellers does not provide mixers not included in the list above in the Non Alcoholic Beverage Service.

CHAMPAGNE TOASTS with Champagne at the guest tables:

  • Bartenders will open the chilled champagne bottles, wrap each one with a linen napkin and place one on each guest table.
  • Champagne glasses are rented from Wellers @ $.50 per glass
  • One chilled, open bottle may be placed at each table wrapped in linen.; guests pour their own; no additonal bartenders required
  • All liquor, beer, wine, or champagne must be purchased through A&L Wine Castle 734-665-9463
  • You will need to set up a meeting with A&L a month prior to your wedding with the number of guests you anticipate and some idea as to what percentage of your guests that are a. Beer drinkers b. Mixed drinkers c. Non drinkers
  • You will also need to know if you are serving any Signature Drinks, and what types and brands of alcohol you prefer
  • From this list A&L will develop an order for you and you will pay him directly
  • Your order will then be delivered to Wellers the Thursday prior to your wedding. They will provide an inventory for the bartenders and the order will be sealed shut with your name on it for your bartenders
  • At the end of the night bartenders will pack up any unopened and partial bottles and put them back in the boxes and you will take them at the close of the bar. A&L will pick up any empties and kegs for the Carriage House
  • Wellers bartending service will not serve straight shots and/or liquor on the rocks. It must be diluted with some form of mixer.
  • As the host of the event you are responsible for your guests drinking and driving in Michigan. As such, you will need to purchase Event Insurance prior to your wedding and provide Wellers with your Certificate # at your final meeting.
  • There are five Event Insurers on our Recommended Services link.
  • Your homeowners insurance may also provide your event insurance for you.
  • The legal limit for drinking and driving in Michigan is .08 or below, which is approximately two drinks.
  • It is suggested provide a shuttle for your guests who should not drive and some Hotels provide shuttle services for a reduced fee if you book a certain number of rooms. They are highlighted in red on our Hotel page.
  • Cars left overnight may be picked nup as early as 7am.


  • Bartenders are outside contractors and be Tam or Tips certified.
  • The 2023 price for each bartender is $240. This includes one hour of set up, six hours of bar service one hour for clean up after bar closes.
  • You will need to pay bartenders by personal check i.e. one check per bartender at your final meeting.
  • Bartenders will be scheduled for your event after your final meeting and paid the Monday after they have rendered services.
  • Bartenders are required by law to check I.D. No one under the age of 21 will be served. This includes the bride, groom and wedding party.
  • You may not supply your own bartenders.
  • All alcohol must be served by bartenders, and Wellers servers are not allowed to handle alcohol.
  • Guests may not bring in alcohol on the property and all alcohol must be served from the bar.
  • Wellers will ask for a Bar Contact Person they can connect with through the night should any issues arise. Usually this is either the father of the bride or groom.
  • Bartenders will pack up unopened or leftover alcohol for you to take at the end of the night.


  • The bar will close six hours after bar opens.
  • Property must be vacated 45 minutes to 1 hour after bar closes, i.e. gates will be locked at that time.
  • Cars may be left overnight and picked up between 7 am and 11 am the next morning.


  • CARRIAGE HOUSE;   Indoor and Outdoor Bare Bar requires 3 Bartenders; Outdoor Bar only requires two bartenders
  • RAISIN RIVER ROOM  One Bar only:  1 Bartender ; If doing champagne toast need 2 Bartenders
  • Write a separate check for each bartender in the amount of $240 at your FINAL MEETING one week prior to your wedding.