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Friday events decorate on Thursday between 2 pm and 4 pm.

Saturday events come in at 11 am day of;

Vendors 3 hours prior to ceremony



Included in base price:

China, flatware, glassware, tablecovers, colored napkins,
chivalri chairs and more...



Wellers Easle
for seating chart $25

It is recommended that you
provide a seating chart in alphabetical order in the entrance

To order 24 X 36 customized
foam board poster


Wellers Farm Lantern
$5.00 with live candle
8" x 8' x 10.5"

CHINA Included





27" high; 10.5" opening
Large urn rental: $15
You bring flowers


Recomended Seating Diagrams Carriage House & Gazebo Seating Diagrams
  • Carriage House Gazebo : 30 ft X 60 ft
  • Carriage House Pergola: 30 ft W X 15 ft D X 12 ft H. Requires ladder to decorate.
  • Wellers does not provide ladders.
  • Fireplace Mantel: 58" W x 11" D
  • Main Room Guest Tables:  15 - Long Tables: 8 ft x 30 in & 1 - 4 ft x 30 in (B&G)
  • Sunroom Guest Tables:   8 - 48 " Rounds
  • Cake Table : 40" X 64" Located in front of fireplace; glass top
  • Entrance Tables :   2 - 6 ft tables with linenOutdoor Seating
  • Add additional tables : $25 each: DJ Table, Photo Booth Table etc.
  • 9- 48" round cement table No linen. No charge
  • Gazebo seating:
    • Rent up to 6 round tables with linen six chairs $25 ea
    • Rent up to 6 high top tables with linen $20 each


RAISIN RIVER   Room Seating Diagram
  • Round Guest Tables: 15 - 44" Round Tables seat up to 6 guests per table (92 guests)
  • Square Guest Tables 6 - 30" square square tables seating 4 guests per table
  • Cake Table: 44" Round Table
  • Stage: 10' X 19' (6 plugs on stage) and is permanent
  • Entry: 4' table for placecards, old stove can be used for display
  • Raisin River Linens: White skirting is provided; Choice of White or Ivory Table cloth over skirting.
  • Any additional skirted tables are $25 each
  • Raisin River Ceremony Pergola: 15 ft W x 7.5 ft D X 12 ft H
  • Wellers provides table numbers. See picture below


Wellers is on the National Historic Register of Historic Buildings and irreplaceable.
Please be mindful when decorating.

  • Nothing may be nailed, taped, stapled or hung from ceilings, pipes, rafters, walls or posts in any rooms
  • All decorations must be removed at the end of the night, including outdoor decorations
  • The wedding aisle may not be covered with flowers. This is in the contract.
  • If renting aisle runner aisles are 120 ft long; it should be heavy enough not to blow over and create a tripper.
  • No more than 3 candles per table are allowed; you may use as may supplement with LEDs as you wish
  • Tapered candles are allowed if enclosed in hurricane glass
  • No oil lamps or candles floating in oil
  • No marbles, rocks, confetti, etc. on dining tables or outside; use only in enclosed vases or containers
  • No sky/fire lanterns may be released as they are a fire hazard
  • If renting linens from outside linen company, they must be removed at close of party
  • Room is open 3 hours prior to ceremony for deliveries by vendors, including florist, cakes, DJ etc.
  • There is a vendor-usage fee of $100 for any vendors that require power, and space to set up, such as photo booths, espresso bars, dessert tables
  • Some DJs bring their own tables; Wellers charges $25 for any tables with linen
  • DJs and hired contractors may not run extension cords or cable across any walkways, entrances creating a trip hazard
  • Classical musicians must bring their own shade umbrella if they require one
  • All vendors must bring their own ladders, wire, scissors, extension cords, and anything they require to complete their job
  • You have 45 minutes after bar closes to remove all decorations, equipment, florals or anything you wish to keep
  • No coolers are available to store cakes, desserts or flowers
  • Outside linen companies may set up 3 hours prior to your ceremony & must be removed at the end of the evening
  • Nothing may be stored overnight; Wellers will not be responsible for any items left behind
  • Vendors may not create any type of trip, fall, fire, flood hazard or additional cleaning with their equipment or decorations.
  • Vendors must take all empty boxes out with them..what comes in must go out. Wellers dumpster may not be used for this purpose.


  • There are eight spotlights in the ceiling of the gazebo and decorative white string lighting
  • There is one 20-amp circuit to the gazebo; any lighting you bring in will lower available power for DJs and bands
  • There are ground and path lights, and up-lighting all around the gazebo and patios
  • Nothing may be nailed, taped, or stapled to the posts or railings
  • You may wrap lights around posts and railings or hang lights or lanterns on the wire in gazebo; you will need to bring your own ladders, string, etc.
  • All decorations in room, gazebo and ceremony pergola will need to be removed within 45 minutes after the bar closes
  • Any decorations, flowers, vases left behind that Wellers removes will be discarded
  • Please be respectful; there is another event following yours. Damages and decorations left behind will result in labor charges.