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Friday events decorate on Thursday between 2 pm and 4 pm. No food or DJ equipment may be left in room overnight.

Saturday events will come in 3 hours prior to ceremony to decorate.



CARRIAGE HOUSE   Room Seating Diagram

  • Carriage House: 30 ft X 60 ft & Sunroom
  • Carriage House Gazebo Dance Pavilion: 30 ft X 60 ft
  • Carriage House propane firepit is included; No S'mores.
  • Carriage House Pergola: 15 ft H X 30 ft W X 12 ft H. Requires ladder to decorate. Wellers does not provide ladders.
  • Carriage House: 21 tables: 13 Rectangle Tables: 9-7.5ft X 30in stationary tables; 4 - 8 ft X 30" tables, seat up to 10 guests using ends of tables & 8 - 48 " Rounds
  • Carriage House Head Table: 1 - 4 ft & 2 - 8 ft Rectangle Tables seating up to 18 guests
  • Carriage House Cake Table: 40" X 64" Located in front of fireplace
  • Carriage House Entry Foyer: 2 -6 ft tables for Seating Chart, placecards, favors, video display
  • Carriage House: no stage
  • Carriage House Outdoor: 48" round cement tables and 12 benches
  • Carriage House Skirting: Vintage Floral is included; All-White Skirting $575 Rental for all tables
  • Any additional skirted tables needed for vendors are $25 each.
  • Wellers provides table numbers. See picture below

RAISIN RIVER   Room Seating Diagram

  • Raisin River Room: 15 - 44" Round Tables seat up to 6 guests per table & 6 - 30" square non-folding square tables seating 4 guests per table.
  • Raisin River Room: Firepit is propane and is included. No S'mores.
  • Raisin River Ceremony Pergola: 7.5 ft X 15 ft
  • Raisin River Cake Table: 48" Round Table
  • Raisin River Room Stage: 10' X 19' (6 plugs on stage) and is permanent
  • Raisin River Room Entry: 4' table for placecards, old stove can be used for display
  • Raisin River Linens: White skirting is provided; Choice of White or Ivory Table cloth over skirting.
  • Any additional skirted tables are $25 each
  • Wellers provides table numbers. See picture below


Wellers is an irreplaceable and significant historic property. Please be mindful when decorating:

  • Nothing may be nailed, taped, or stapled to any walls, posts, of any rooms or structures including pergola
  • All decorations must be removed at the end of the night, including outdoors
  • No more than 3 candles per table are allowed; you may use as many LEDs as you wish
  • Tapered candles must be enclosed in hurricane glass
  • No oil lamps or candles floating in oil
  • No marbles, rocks, confetti, etc. on dining tables or outside; use only in enclosed vases or containers
  • No sky/fire lanterns may be released as they are a fire hazard
  • If renting linens from outside linen company, they must be removed at close of party
  • Room is open 3 hours prior to ceremony for deliveries by vendors, including florist, cakes, DJ etc.
  • There is a vendor-usage fee of $100 for any vendors that require power, and space to set up, such as photo booths, espresso bars, dessert tables
  • Some DJs bring their own tables; Wellers charges $25 for a skirted table for your DJ
  • DJs and hired contractors may not run extension cords or cable across any walkways, entrances etc.
  • Classical musicians must bring their own shade umbrella if they require one
  • All vendors must bring their own ladders, wire, scissors, extension cords, and anything they require to complete their job
  • You have 45 minutes after bar closes to remove all decorations, equipment, florals or anything you wish to keep
  • No coolers are available to store cakes, desserts or flowers
  • Outside linen companies may set up 3 hours prior to your ceremony & must be removed at the end of the evening
  • Nothing may be stored overnight; Wellers will not be responsible for any items left behind


  • There are eight spotlights in the ceiling of the gazebo and decorative white string lighting
  • There is one 20-amp circuit to the gazebo; any lighting you bring in will lower available power for DJs and bands
  • There are ground and path lights, and up-lighting all around the gazebo and patios
  • Nothing may be nailed, taped, or stapled to the posts or railings
  • You may wrap lights around posts and railings or hang lights or lanterns on the wire in gazebo; you will need to bring your own ladders, string, etc.
  • All decorations in room, gazebo and ceremony pergola will need to be removed within 45 minutes after the bar closes
  • Any decorations, flowers, vases left behind that Wellers removes will be discarded
  • Please be respectful; there is another event following yours. Damages and decorations left behind will result in charges.


Select Napkin Colors at your
90-day meeting

Wellers Floor Easel for Seating Chart
61" H x 24" W  
Arrange names in alphabetical order.


Place a bar sign with your offerings, time of shuttle pick up at end of event & note saying guests may leave their cars overnight


Wellers Table Numbers. (3.5 in X 4.5 in)
or bring in your own

For seating table number go to the Seating Diagrams

Carriage House Table Numbering

Raisin River Room Table Numbering

Please have your final seating prepared and
ready at your Final Meeting


Go to Amazon to purchase bulk rolls of serged burlap.  
18 in X 100 ft Burlap


Wellers Farm Lantern rental:
$5.00 each with candle

Large urn rental: $15 each for wedding aisle.

27" high;
opening is 10.5"

Cupcake Display $150
We will create your cupcake display.

White floor length skirting in background.

Wedding Wire The Knot